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TLG Billet/Polyurethane Tailshaft Coupler Donut - Suit BA Falcon 6cyl & V8


Product Description

TLG Billet/Polyurethane Tailshaft Coupler Donut - Suit BA Falcon 6cyl & V8


The drive coupler joins the gearbox output shaft to the tailshaft. It also acts as an isolator to minimise the transmission of drivetrain noise and vibration into cabin.

Torque twists the joint between the gearbox and tailshaft. The rubber doughnut drive coupling in the tailshaft dampens torque, bluntening acceleration and softening power delivery between gears;- soaking-up your valuable horsepower. Torque can be damaging. Its always applying a destructive twisting force to the weakest link in your drivetrain;- the rubber doughnut in the tailshaft.

In normal use the rubber doughnuts crack, split and fail because of the constant twisting effect. With high power engines and high RPM they disintegrate quickly causing driveline vibrations, bumping noises on acceleration and poor power transition; which are the telltale signs of failing rubber doughnut.

TLG Torque Master Billet Alloy & Poly Drive Couplers are made from billet alloy for ultimate strength and fitted with the highest quality, Australian made, heavy-duty polyurethane bushes and precision crush-tubes (which are zinc plated to prevent rust).

They are designed and engineered to tame the twisting effect of torque and handle massive power, enormous torque in the most extreme driving.

Precision CNC machined to exacting specifications. Perfectly balanced using System 7 to ensure they are smooth and vibration free. There’s no increase in NVH making them perfect for your daily driver, high performance car or any kind of competition use.

Torque Master Billet Alloy & Poly Drive Couplers have the durability of billet alloy and polyurethane. Smooth as stock yet strong enough to handle massive power without disintegrating. On the road you’ll experience better hook-up and improved power delivery without compromising NVH.

A high performance, or track car require many rubber doughnuts over its life. Don’t take a chance with dubious aftermarket rubber doughnuts that can fail and cause extensive damage to your car. Torque Master Billet Alloy & Poly Drive Couplers are a fantastic once off investment, and are fully rebuildable.

Torque Master Billet Alloy & Poly Drive Couplers are a heavy-duty, high performance replacement for the factory rubber doughnut. The kit comes completed with brand new high tensile, zinc plated hardware, brand new centering bush and a fitment guide.

●      No Increase in vibration

●      Billet Alloy

●      Heavy Duty Poly Bushes

●      Great for Big Power

●      Faster Hook-up

●      Better Power Delivery

●      Australian Made

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