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TLG Holden 253/308 Downdraft Trumpet Intake Manifold Kit WITH ECU


Product Description

TLG Holden 253/308 Downdraft Trumpet Intake Manifold Kit WITH ECU


Our TLG Individual throttle body EFI system has all the flash of classic Weber induction but provide higher state of tune and engine performance versatility of EFI. Delivering crisp EFI performance with systems capable of supporting high hp. Fuel and air is delivered through precision cast aluminium 50mm IDA style throttle bodies that allow for superior idle characteristics and astounding throttle response while improving emissions and economy through tight air/fuel ratio control.

Our linkage set incorporates the throttle stops, idle controls, lever arms and joiner/balancer all in one. It also features a single screw adjustment for calibrating front to rear throttle shafts.

The bell crank has a fully index-able eccentric cable pulley that enables good slow speed drivability and still attain full throttle geometry.

TLG Billet throttle bodies have the following feature:

  • CNC machined, Heat treated 601 Cast aluminium.
  • Butterflies are measured for each bore & precision machined to a closer tolerance.
  • Butterflies are secured to centerless ground brass shafts with split screws to ensure reliability and service ability.
  • O'ring seals on lower mounting faces.

EMS Stinger V4

The Stinger range of ECUs by EMS are built from the ground up for Motorsports. The focus has been on providing the most accurate ignition and injection timing enabling you to tune an engine to its ultimate performance level. This the best value aftermarket ECU available. EMS kit includes ECU, Open harness, Serial Programming Cable, Programming Software

- 5 User programmable input and outputs
- 4 Ignition outputs
- 4 Injector outputs
- Able to control very low impedance injectors
- Narrow and Wideband Air / fuel Ratio control
- Dedicated O2 sensor input
- Automatic Staged injection control
- Auto tune / Tune analyser
- Selectable tuning via built-in MAP sensor or TPS with boost override
- Fully user definable 48x32 Fuel, Ignition and Injection tune maps
- Launch control
- Dual modeTurbo Anti-lag control
- Cam Control
- Built-in 3 Bar MAP sensor
- Sensor Calibration
- Idle control
- Thermo fan control
- Nitrous Oxide injection control
- Fuel pump control
- Tacho output
- Air conditioner clutch control
- In-Gear and Air Conditioner Idle-up control

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